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The Nicolaus Copernicus University promotes both science and art among the inhabitants of Torun and its region. For several years the University, the Municipality of Torun and Scientific Society in Torun have jointly organised the Torun Science and Art Festival. The Festival agenda lists 140 events, such as: meetings, presentations, lectures, debates, excursions, exhibitions, workshops, and competitions. These events are mainly prepared by the University employees and students. Yet, other local schools, companies and institutions also participate in the Festival to present the effects and benefits of investigations and their scientific achievements or art-related activities. The exciting programme attracts thousands of participants, also from the outside the city and the region. All he interested public have the unique opportunity to see real science and art with their own eyes. The can familiarize themselves with places that are usually inaccessible - research laboratories, and artists' studios, as well as various companies and institutions. The idea of the Festival matches the atmosphere of Torun - a city associated not only with beautiful historical places but also with science and art. The Torun festival is a member of the European Science Events Association.